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By: Zachary Thompson

Antitoxins convert free radicals into non-toxic substances.
Free radicals are formed when the body goes through the
functions of metabolism and oxidation. This prevents cells from
being destroyed and will help to slow down the aging process.
This will also result in healthier looking skin. Antitoxins can
also help your body's immune system and help you fight against a
number of diseases and ailments.

There are several foods that can provide us with antitoxins.
Many natural foods high in antitoxins are fish, vegetables, and
fruits. Some common fruits include prunes, melons, apples,
berries, and plums. Some vegetables are also high in
antitoxins; common ones are tomatoes, winter vegetables- like
cabbage, broccoli, beets, and spinach. Seafood is also a good
source of antitoxins. Oils containing antitoxins include;
sunflower, safflower, almond oil, and hazelnut.

Foods that contain these vitamins will also have antitoxins.
They are B12, Vitamin A, E, C, B6, folic acid, Selenium, and
carotene. By eating a natural diet, you can include many of
these vitamins and antitoxins.

It is easy to adjust your diet to a natural one:

1. Cut out refined and processed food. Foods in packages and
tins are convenient, but are often so highly processed that
many of the nutrients and antitoxins are lost. Refined foods
also include white bread and rice. Try to replace these foods
with whole grains and non-processed foods.

2. Try to increase fruits and vegetables in your diet. Many of
these foods have the vitamins and antitoxins, see above.

3. Include some seafood in your diet. However, it is best not
to overdo this, as sometimes there can be some heavy metals
like mercury in fish due to contamination of water.

4. The oils, sunflower, and safflower mentioned above are good
replacements for your cooking oil.

5. The additions of Yogurt and vinegar will also give you

Diet supplements can also give you antitoxins. There is a vast
array of these products on the market today. Some come in the
form of juices, others in pills and capsules. Some of the best
supplements are those with Glyconutrients. These substances not
only provide antitoxins, but also help your body's natural
immune system.

There are 8 Glyconutrients:

1. Xylose
2. Fucose
3. Galactose
4. Mannose
5. Glucose
6. N-acetylgalactosamine (GalNAc)
7. N-acetylglucosamine (GlcNAc)
8. N-acetylneuraminic acid

These 8 vital nutrients play a very important role in the body.
They help the body's cells to communicate with each other. As
well as this, they boost the immune system and provide it with

Ambrose is a diet supplement that contains all of the
Glyconutrients. There are no real side effects from this diet
supplement and it is available from independent distributors.

About The Author: Zach Thompson is a Glyconutrients
Representative. His clients range from actresses to pro
athletes. You can get a free Glyconutrients consultation by

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