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Achieve Healthy Aging By Avoiding Obesity
Achieve Healthy Aging By Avoiding Obesity

By: Michalle Law

Healthy aging is possible by fighting obesity before you reach
mid-life. Obesity is a public health problem that requires
immediate attention both from government and individuals
directly affected by it. If you are overweight or obese, you
should do things on your own to get your weight down to a
healthier level. It is not only good for you now, but more so if
you want to enjoy healthy aging.

A lot of deadly diseases are caused by weight problems. Most of
these diseases, also known as lifestyle-related diseases, are
highly preventable. One of the measures to prevent them is to
control the weight through regular exercise, a healthy diet and
a healthy lifestyle.

Healthy Aging And How Obesity Can Make It Impossible

Heart diseases, hypertension, kidney problems, arthritis and
even cancer, are all caused by an unhealthy diet, which is
usually the culprit behind overweight or obesity problems. In
other words, in order to get your weight under control and
achieve healthy aging, you will have to watch your diet.

Moreover, osteoporosis, heart problems, body weakness, or even
arthritis are directly or indirectly caused by a sedentary
lifestyle or lack of exercise, which in turn, also translates to
weight problems. Last but not least, substance abuse and vices
also take a toll on your health in the form of lung cancer,
cirrhosis or cancer of the liver. This last form of unhealthy
living will totally wreak havoc on your health. Add to that the
fact that you are obese and your health will become a disaster
just waiting to happen.

Healthy Aging: What You Need To Do

Therefore, it is of extreme importance that you keep your
weight under control in order to achieve healthy aging. The ways
to do so have been outlined above already. But for the sake of
clarity, let us go over them:

· Watch your diet – The cliché: "You are what you eat" has
never been truer than in today's society, which is so obsessed
with fastfoods and anything greasy and cholesterol-laden. A
fast-paced existence is the most popular alibi for not eating
right. However, people who dismiss the importance of eating
healthy are the very same people who suffer from all forms of
health problems and who will not experience healthy aging later
on in life. In fact, it is ironic for them to use that alibi
Why? Because the more demanding their life and jobs are, the
more reasons they have to nourish their bodies properly.

People usually associate dieting with skinny individuals who
have great bodies, positive disposition and a healthy social
life. Well, these things all have something to do with a healthy
weight. However, they are more of positive side effects than
anything. The real object of dieting is to attain better health
and fitness level so that healthy aging is attainable.

· Keep active – Engaging in regular exercises to keep fit and
healthy rewards you with a health and a trim physique which
should be more able to cope with the demands of modern living,
and eventually, healthy aging. Hitting the gym or going for
brisk walking on a regular basis will not only enhance your
health, but also your social life, which is fundamental to a
healthier mental and psychological well-being and eventually,
healthy aging.

· Maintain a healthier lifestyle – Avoiding drugs, cigarettes
and too much alcohol will all contribute to better health, and
towards realizing healthy aging. These substances, if consumed
regularly over long periods of time, will not actually give you
weight problems. On the contrary, they will waste your body,
which is as bad as having weight problems.

Achieving a healthy weight towards healthy aging is not that
difficult. It all boils down to you, the very person directly
affected by the problem, to act upon it. It is your life, your
health your future at stake. Act now.

About The Author: Michalle Law is the professional freelance
writer. He's also the webmaster of

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