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Hot Stone Massage Etiquette Tips

By: Chris Turley

Whoever said that having a pleasurable massage experience is
solely up to the hands of the therapist is making a terrible
mistake. While it is true that a wondrous therapy session
largely depends on the proficiency and skills of the one giving
the massage, it is imperative to know that the recipient also
plays a part in it.

For one, there are many ways that the receiver can do to
enhance the benefits of the session. But also, he or she should
also practice proper massage etiquette to be able to build a
healthy relationship and good rapport with the therapist.

Here are some tips on proper massage etiquette that you will
find very useful:

• Schedule your appointment early to allow for the therapist or
the spa to book other appointments more efficiently.

• Do not be late for your appointment. Arriving 15 minutes
earlier is highly recommended for you to have some time to relax
and to be able to enjoy the facilities of the spa. More
importantly, do not cancel the last minute. Not only are these
highly inconsiderate but these also means lost chances for
earning money on the part of the therapist. If you should
cancel, do it days before.

• Prior to the session, it is best to discuss your preferences
to the therapist such as the type of music, lighting or room
temperature will make you feel comfortable. During the session,
you can always speak up if there is anything that is bothering
you. But of course, keep this to a minimum because interrupting
the therapist every 5 minutes to adjust the lights or the
temperature will not only interrupt the flow of the session and
diminish the benefits of it, but is also downright annoying.

• Go to the restroom before the session.

• Do not wear any perfume or moisturizer. Sometimes, the smell
of the perfume is intoxicating especially because you are in an
enclosed area. Moisturizers on the other hand are a no-no
because they interfere with the massage oils and lotions used in
the therapy.

• Use the amenities of the spa with utmost care.

• Turn off your cell phone and do not call anyone while you are
having the therapy.

• Be sure to take a bath before the session. It is very rude to
show up at the spa or massage center all sweaty and dirty. No
therapist in his right mind will be happy to touch you on that
kind of state.

• It is all right to talk with the therapist during the
therapist but you are not required to do so. The therapist will
not mind if you want to enjoy the session quietly.

• Give your therapist a 10%-15% tip.

• Spend only a few minutes at the massage table after the
therapy to relax and cool down. Remember, it is not all right to
take a whole afternoon nap unless the therapist tells you so.

Always follow the golden rule, treat your therapist and the spa
personnel the way you want to be treated and that is with

About The Author: Chris Turley is a director of massage stone
supply company. For more information about hot stone massage,
take a tour on his site at

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