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Beautiful Contact Lenses For Your Beautiful Eyes

By: Spring H. Heart

Are you one of those who are about to endeavor in the world of
putting contact lenses? Large numbers of people in need of
curative lenses prefer to put on contact lenses because of the
ease and a repugnance to looking terrible with the specs. The
glasses burden on the ears, slide down from nose, and also have
glare troubles with light. In addition, you should have special
lenses and also an additional pair to stay away from the sharp
sunrays when wearing spectacles. Contact lenses are very
comfortable and easy to put to replace the conventional glasses
by endowing excellent peripheral vision without forfeiting on
the part of the outlook on appearance.

Many individuals will not be able to recognize even that you
are actually wearing contact lenses, as they are virtually
impossible to notice in your eyes. However, there are different
types of contact lenses that are available in the market. Thus,
you should always select a contact lens which will best suit
your condition such as line of work, kind of vision disorder and
many more. Among the various types of contact lenses the contact
lenses can be either soft or hard.

Soft Contact Lenses

Soft contact lenses are basically manufactured by a plastic
hydro gel polymer, which consists of 35% to 75% of water. These
contact lenses are produced from soft plastic and are absolutely
water absorbing by nature, which fix at the face of cornea.
However, few contact lenses also provide protection from the
ultraviolet rays.

The greatest advantage of wearing soft lenses is that, these
lenses are generally disposable that means after using they can
be disposed, depending on the kind of contact lens is
prescribed. This offers a chance to the contact lens user to get
a new pair of contact lenses, which further reduces the chance
of having any kind of eye infection and also providing ample
comfort to the wearers.

Nevertheless, the size of soft contact lens can vary from 13 to
14.50 mm and 100 um thick. These lenses also enable the oxygen
comfortably to reach the cornea. Apart, it also has some
drawbacks such as they quickly absorbs various pollutants such
as lotion or soap from the hands, which further results in
irritation in eyes. Furthermore, they can even tear or rip quite

Hard contact lenses

The hard contact lenses are commonly manufactured with a rigid
stuff. However, to boost the oxygen permeability, this stuff can
be blend with various other plastics. These lenses are available
under the range 8 to 18 mm with thickness of 100um.

The hard contact lenses are very durable but like the soft
contact lenses do not provide oxygen that can reach the cornea.
Nevertheless oxygen gets dissolved with the tear which in some
way reaches the cornea due to eye movements because of the
frequent blinking of eye. Despite of their low cost and
durability these contact lenses are quite uncomfortable to put
and are used by very number of people.

However, it will be feasible to contact your eye specialist
before selecting any kind of contact lenses, as he/she will
guide you in a better way according to your eye and requirement.

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