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General Diabetes Care
General Diabetes Care

By: Roger Thompson

Diabetes affects three to five per cent of Western populations,
including one million Canadians. In those with diabetes, the
body's cells cannot absorb and use glucose adequately for lack
of, or resistance to, the hormone insulin. In severe, untreated
diabetes the body's cells are starved of fuel for energy, sugar
can't enter the cells and its level in blood may rise. The
immediate dangers of diabetes are hyperglycemia - high blood
sugar - and ketoacidosis, a build-up of ketone bodies in the
blood which can lead to diabetic coma, even death.

The long term complications of the disease include growth
failure in children, damage to the blood vessels, eyes, kidneys
and nerves, hypertension (high blood pressure), elevated blood
cholesterol, heart disease and peripheral vascular (blood
vessel) disorders, especially in the feet. Management of the
disease requires careful attention to diet, exercise and, when
needed, medications to keep blood sugar as close as possible to
the normal range. Diabetes is often described as a syndrome that
affects the blood sugar of the people with this disorder. There
are three basic forms of this disease which are type 1, type 2
and gestational diabetes. Of the three types of diabetes,
gestational diabetes is uniquely for women who are pregnant. The
other two types of diabetes are the results of either low levels
of insulin or the resistance of the body to the hormone insulin.

Diabetes care is needed to monitor and make sure that the
individual is doing his part in taking care of himself. There
are many ways to keep your diabetes in check especially if you
are still in the pre diabetic stage, not the full blown one. One
of the things that you will need to be aware of is your family
history. If there is diabetes in most or some of your family
members who are directly related to you then you must be
vigilant regarding your diet and lifestyle in order not to
trigger diabetes. Diabetes care can be a tiring thing to keep up
so, do not start it if you can avoid it. Part of diabetes care
is also to have regular general annual check ups in order to
keep a close eye on the progression of your disease. Visit your
doctor in order to keep abreast of what you diabetic state is
and the dosage of your maintenance medication. Diabetes care
means that you must be vigilant for any changes in your levels
of blood sugar and to be careful of your diet.

An eye exam is another diabetes care regimen that you need to
do yearly. Since diabetes affects the eyes, and our eyes are an
essential part f our daily lives, we need to practice proper
diabetes care by keeping our diets in check and maintaining our
blood sugar levels. Avoiding smoking is part of diabetes care.
Smoking increases the risk of narrowing of heart disease and
stroke. It also increases the risk of kidney disease and nerve
damage. These diseases are dangerous for people who have
diabetes. Above all, learn to manage stress. Stress is a large
factor in the production of hormones that could block insulin
and its effects. Diabetes care is a continuous process in which
you have to be vigilant in monitoring your health. Once you
start diabetes care, you must keep in mind that this is a good
way of maintaining your well being and keeping you from risk of

About The Author: Roger Thompson advises consumers on jobs in
the health care, hospital and medical sectors for portal

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