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Caring For You Skin When You Have Acne

By: Steve Taylor

If you have acne, you should take some steps to protect your
skin from possible scarring and more inflammations. The first
thing you should do is to wash your face gently. Do not rub the
skin harshly or this can cause more problems. You should wash
your face once when you wake up and right before you go to bed.
If you do any exercising during the day, you should clean your
skin afterwards as well. You should make sure to rinse the skin
thoroughly to prevent clogging the pores. This step is important
to keeping your skin healthy and clean. Remember to keep your
hair clean and free from oil as well.

Another step to take for keeping your skin clean and healthy is
to avoid touching your skin so much. Touching and rubbing the
inflammation can only aggravate an already aggravated
inflammation. You should not attempt to pinch, squeeze or pick
at the acne. By doing so, you are increasing the chance of acne
scarring. If you have to shave, you should choose a razor that
is more comfortable such as a blade razor or an electrical
razor. You do have to be careful not to open up the blemish with
the razor. This could cause scarring.

What most people do not know about acne and the sun is that you
should avoid getting sunburn. If you are taking or using any
acne medications, your skin may be more susceptible to sunburn.
The suntan or sunburn does make the blemishes appear to fade,
but this is only for a short time. It may lead to other problems
or cause the skin to become dry. Using cosmetics should be done
with care. If you have a problem with acne, look for cosmetics
that are free of oil. Most foundations and blushes today, have
moved away from oils in make up and have started adding the
benzoyl peroxide, which is beneficial for acne treatment.

If you have acne, you must use care when using any face
products. This includes any face creams and cleansing products.
The one thing you do not want to do is dry out the skin. You
want the skin to be healthy so that the inflammation can clear
up and leave very little scarring. You should take the time to
clean your face or any other part of your body where acne is
present. This goes for the back, face and neck areas. It is
important to keep hair off the face and clean if you have a
problem with acne inflammation.

If you have back or neck acne, you want to wear loose clothing
so as not to aggravate the blemishes. Proper care during any
acne outbreak will help reduce scarring and leave very little
noticeable marks. If you do aggravate the blemishes, you can and
more than likely will have some type of scarring. Scarring will
lead to other types of treatments to cover or eliminate the
scarring, which could be more costly to you.

About The Author: Steve Taylor is the webmaster for popular Acne Treatment and Male Sexual Health websites.
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acne products for you!

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